Story Of A 12-Year-Old Stripper In Dallas

I recently ran across this shocking story of a 12-year-old girl who got a job at Diamonds Cabaret strip club in Dallas, TX, where she reportedly danced nude for over a week. According to the story, she was able to pass the audition without showing proper identification.

There is absolutely no excuse for this type of thing ever happening. Whoever allowed this preteen to dance nude should go to prison. Unfortunately, this one example casts a pall over the entire industry.

You can read the story here:

Underage Stripper Shocks Dallas

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Kansas Legislature Considering Restrictions On Strip Clubs

It looks like every state in the union is trying to infringe on the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens.

Kansas is the latest state to consider harsh new regulations on strip clubs with the intention of making it more difficult to conduct business.

Current proposals are working their way through legislative committee. In addition to a typical requirement that adult businesses be located at least 1,000 feet from schools, churches, and residences, are conditions that could prohibit nudity and ban the sale of alcohol. Not only could people not drink where nude entertainment is taking place, but strip clubs would be required to close at midnight and all dancers would have to remain six feet away from patrons. So no more lap dances in Kansas if this passes.

Many strip clubs don’t even start getting busy until midnight. A 12 AM closing time would surely hurt the income potential of club owners and dancers, which is the underlying goal of these types of restrictions.

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Casa Diablo Vegan Strip Club For Sale

Not long after opening for business, the owner of Casa Diablo strip club in Portland, OR, has put the establishment up for sale.

The asking price for the property is $995,000, according to this listing. And the Craigslist entry.

We get visitors every day who are looking to open a strip club. Right now probably isn’t the best time given the weakening economy. Strip clubs are closing all the time, so it isn’t a business that is immune to failure.

The reason for the owner of Casa Diablo selling is not known. However, we have seen an example such as this where an owner opens a strip club then sells it after a short time before.

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Strip Clubs Facing Extinction In Houston, Texas

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal of a suit challenging the ordinances in Houston, TX, which could put most strip clubs out of business, effectively upholding the dangerously restrictive 1997 law.

Clubs have been battling the Houston ordinance for the past ten years. Houston law restricts strip clubs from operating within a completely arbitrary distance of 1,500 feet from residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, and day care centers, and prevents other strip clubs from operating within a certain distance of a similar business.

The goal of this ordinance is not to protect the populace from naked women writhing behind closed doors, unseen by passersby. The intent is to shut strip clubs down by making it impossible to find any land that satisfies the distance requirements, which is nearly impossible in most urban areas, and this is by design.

When the police in Houston begin enforcing the law, many clubs will be forced to close. The city, in typical fashion, argues that strip clubs create negative secondary effects on neighboring areas. But how does a woman removing her clothing cause crime, graffiti, and blight? Nobody knows.

More lawsuits are expected to be filed by club owners when enforcement action begins.

We here at Strip Club Central have never heard of anyone going on a crime rampage because they saw a woman without her clothes on. Have you?

“Look, there’s a booby! I better go shoot someone!” Sorry, but that king of thing does not happen.

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Using Taxation As A Weapon Against Strip Clubs

County commissioners in Lawrence County, Missouri, are planning a ballot initiative to discourage strip clubs from opening in the area. Their planned weapon: excessive taxation.

Currently, there are no gentlemen’s clubs in Lawrence County. The freedom stealing politicians aim to keep it that way by levying a 10% tax on a strip club’s gross income should any come to the area. The proposal would only apply to strip clubs, thus it is nothing more than politicians using the power of government to rob consenting adults of their court-affirmed rights to enjoy nude entertainment.

Residents of the county will vote on the proposed tax on April 8th. If it passes, it will be temporary and need to be renewed again in another four years.

More and more, governments are using their power of taxation to injure the ability of strip clubs to do business, of dancers to make a living, and to punish the millions of law-abiding people who enjoy the live entertainment they find at strip clubs. At the top of the year Texas began a $5 per head tax on strip club patrons. New Mexico is considering a similar tax. Other states are looking at proposals along the same vein.

If the citizenry does not want strip clubs to exist, they won’t exist because the clubs won’t have any customers and will go out of business. The people will vote with their dollar. It’s as simple as that.

Hopefully, state and federal courts will put a stop to this tactic of using taxation as a weapon against free expression. Otherwise, the United States will be regressing back to an era where the human body was viewed as shameful instead of beautiful. If this assault on strip clubs continues, you can rest assured that similar tactics will be used against other forms of speech that politicians and their vocal constituents wish to suppress.

We are on a slippery slope toward oppression. The enemies are on both the left and the right. A revolution at the ballot box may not be enough this time around.

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Vegan Strip Club

There was a news article the other day about a new vegan strip club in Portland, Oregon.

Casa Diablo claims to be the world’s first vegan strip club. Patrons will find no meat, eggs, or dairy on the menu.

The owner, Johnny Diablo, was quoted as saying that the club is “vixens, not veal, and sizzle, not steak. We put the meat on the pole, not on the plate.”

Casa Diablo is located on St. Helens Rd. We will research this place and add it to our strip club list shortly.

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New South Dakota Strip Club May Have Liquor License Revoked

The city council of Volin, SD, is set to vote today on revoking the liquor license of a new strip club in town.

Paddy Murphy’s opened for business a couple of weeks ago in an old steakhouse. Some residents are unhappy because the new gentlemen’s club is located directly across the street from the only park in the town where children play.

A few days ago the Yankton County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint that Paddy Murphy’s was operating without a sales tax license. The club obtained one the following day. The case has been forwarded to the state attorney’s office for possible charges against the owner Paul Kachur.

As of this writing we have been unable to obtain any information about Paddy Murphy’s such as whether it is nude or topless and the phone number and address. We will add this club to our strip club list as soon as we can ascertain the relevant information. Strip Club Central wishes them the best of luck.

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Seattle Getting First New Strip Club In 20 Years

The city of Seattle is getting its first new strip club in almost two decades later this year. The Deja Vu chain of clubs is planning to open a gentlemen’s club in the basement of Fantasy Unlimited, an erotic boutique and theater.

Interestingly, this new strip club is opening just feet from the very courthouse where a federal judge struck down the city’s ban on strip clubs as unconstitutional two years ago.

The last new strip club to open in Seattle was in the late 1980s. Five new clubs opened in a short period of time, prompting the city council to pass a 180-day moratorium on new strip clubs. This ban was repeatedly extended for the next 17 years until it was struck down by the Court.

As a result of the court ruling in 2005, Seattle passed new regulations such as a ban on lap dancing to discourage new clubs from opening in the city. City residents voided the restrictions by a two-to-one ratio in a vote on the issue in November 2006.

The new club will be located at 2027 Westlake Ave., Seattle, WA. There is an existing Deja Vu in the city of Seattle.

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More Houston Strip Club Raids Planned

The Houston, Texas, Vice Squad is out in full force cracking down on strip clubs after a recent federal court ruling gave the city the go-ahead to begin enforcing its decade-old sexually oriented business ordinance. Just this month, several arrests have been made and a few clubs have been cited for various ordinance violations.

Undercover Houston police posed as customers at Treasures on Westheimer Road for weeks gathering evidence on suspects who allegedly offered to sell sexual services, resulting in several arrests. Police also hit Solid Platinum and arrested a half dozen employees for various charges such as prostitution, drug possession, and outstanding warrants.

(Let’s be fair: often allegations of prostitution at strip clubs are nothing more than a dancer sitting on an undercover officer’s lap or inadvertently brushing her breast against his him while giving a dance. These arrests aren’t always made for offers of real sex acts such as oral sex, hand jobs, or intercourse, but often made for things nobody in their right mind would call prostitution.)

Houston law prohibits nudity or the display of the female areola in any establishment that is within 1,500 feet of any school, church, public park, or licensed daycare center or is within 1,000 feet of a similarly licensed establishment. The fact that these exposed breasts are behind closed doors and are unable to be seen by passersby is of no consequence. Just the fact that there are exposed nipples behind closed doors where only consenting adults can see them makes them illegal.

Some people think that Houston’s ordinance could result in the closing of most of the city’s strip clubs. Some gentlemen’s clubs that are currently topless may be forced to convert to bikini clubs because they are too close to schools or churches. This distance of 1,500 feet is completely arbitrary and is intended stamp out the strip clubs that are enjoyed by many thousands of free-thinking, consenting Houston adults every year. Why did Houston stop at 1,500 feet? Why not 15,000 feet?

Houston police promise more crackdowns and raids in the near future.

Houston, TX, Sexually Oriented Business Ordinances

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New Mexico Democrat Proposes Strip Club Tax

Strip Clubs John Grubesic

New Mexico state Senator John Grubesic (DFL, pictured on the right) has proposed a $5 tax on strip club patrons similar to one currently on the books in Texas.

The Texas “Pole Tax” went into effect at the top of 2008. It is currently being challenged in the courts. Late last month, a Texas judge upheld the tax. There is a hearing scheduled for Jan. 22nd on club owners’ request that a judge bar collection of the fee by the state. The supposed rationale for this Texas strip club tax is that gentlemen’s clubs contribute to the commission of sex crimes (patently false), so the money raised will be partly used to help victims of sexual assault.

“It’s $5. That’s nothing. I think beer in these places runs around five bucks,” Grubesic was quoted as saying.

But what is to stop these freedom-robbing politicians from raising the tax even higher? If their ultimate goal is to shut down strip clubs and rob free-thinking, consenting adults from enjoying this type of entertainment, what is to stop them from raising the tax to $20 per patron? Or $50? There is absolutely nothing to stop them—if the courts do not. Just as your other taxes go up and up every year, you can expect this one to go up as well.

This is a clear and unmistakable infringement on the Constitutional rights of citizens. It is a tax on expression, nothing else. Millions of Americans go to strip clubs every year. The vast majority of strip club patrons are not perpetrators of sex crimes—or any other type of crime. They should not be singled out for special taxation just because they enjoy a particular form of expression targeted by grandstanding politicians.

If this attack on free speech is upheld by idiot judges, what will be allowed to be attacked next? Perhaps a tax on patrons of rap concerts? Or maybe a tax on romance novels? How about a tax on gay cross-dressing performances? Gays have the highest rate of HIV infection. How about the state tax their expression then use part of the money raised to treat HIV infections, with the rest going to the general fund to be squandered? We can apply this twisted logic to all sorts of different scenarios with the same end result: it is a tax on speech that is supposed to be protected by the United States Constitution.

NM Senator John Grubesic’s homepage

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