Kansas Legislature Considering Restrictions On Strip Clubs

It looks like every state in the union is trying to infringe on the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens.

Kansas is the latest state to consider harsh new regulations on strip clubs with the intention of making it more difficult to conduct business.

Current proposals are working their way through legislative committee. In addition to a typical requirement that adult businesses be located at least 1,000 feet from schools, churches, and residences, are conditions that could prohibit nudity and ban the sale of alcohol. Not only could people not drink where nude entertainment is taking place, but strip clubs would be required to close at midnight and all dancers would have to remain six feet away from patrons. So no more lap dances in Kansas if this passes.

Many strip clubs don’t even start getting busy until midnight. A 12 AM closing time would surely hurt the income potential of club owners and dancers, which is the underlying goal of these types of restrictions.

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