Community Fights To Keep Proposed Strip Club From Opening

Frank Boussad is planning to open Presley’s Playhouse Cabaret in the southern part of Salem and some residents are furious. A group of residents is threatening to fight the new club all the way to the state supreme court.

One woman quoted by claims that she and others are upset because of the message such an establishment sends to young women and because they find it degrading to women. “Using young girls to strip and dance around naked is degrading to all women,” the woman said.

There are a number of parks and day-care centers nearby which residents will use as ammunition in their fight to try to prevent the club from opening. Residents most likely will use the old, unproven argument that naked women somehow lead to an increase in crime.

There are currently 7 strip clubs in the Salem area. It is unclear at this time how one more gentleman’s club in the Salem area is going to lead to the downfall of society.

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