Most Beautiful Porn Actresses – Brea Bennett 1

With a beautiful face, cute little perky tits, and a cute little ass, Brea Bennett is one of the most beautiful porn actresses ever!

Brea Bennett Cumshot Compilation Video

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Sexy Lesbian Whipped Cream Porn 1

What could be sexier than beautiful women squirting whipped cream up each other’s butts and then into their mouths? 🙂

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San Antonio Strip Club Lawsuit Pending In Federal Court

A lawsuit is currently pending in Federal Court requesting that the city of San Antonio’s draconian restrictions on strip clubs be voided.  On March 19th, 2013, a hearing will address a request to prevent San Antonio from enforcing a new ordinance enacted in 2012.

As it stands, nudity is completely prohibited in any sexually-oriented business in San Antonio, Texas.  Clubs had been allowing dancers to wear pasties to cover nipples but the new tighter ordinance prohibits even that, meaning that dancers will be forced to wear bikinis if the ordinance is upheld.

Text from the San Antonio sexually-oriented business ordinances:

Sec. 21-204. – Total nudity prohibited

(a)  It shall be unlawful for an individual to intentionally or knowingly appear in a state of nudity in a sexually oriented business.
(b)  It shall be unlawful for an individual, person, corporation, or association that manages, or operates a sexually oriented business to intentionally or knowingly allow an individual to appear on the premises of said establishment in a state of nudity.
(Ord. No. 2012-12-06-0934, §§ 4, 6, 12-6-12)

Sec. 21-200. – Definitions.

Nude or nudity or state of nudity shall mean the following:

(1) The appearance of the bare buttock; anus; male genitals; female genitals; or entire female breast;
(2) A state of dress which fails to completely and opaquely cover the buttock; anus; male genitals; female genitals; or entire female breast.

One must ask:  if there is no nudity, how can a strip club be considered a sexually-oriented business?  Are a woman’s arms and legs now considered sexual in Texas?  It is depressing to think that an idiot mayor and idiot city council wasted time and taxpayer money to draft such an ordinance and enforce it in court in a deliberate attempt to infringe on constitutionally-protected freedoms.

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Two New York Clubs Lose Liquor Licenses, One Closes

Two strip clubs in New York have lost their liquor licenses following raids conducted by local police and the FBI.  The police were investigating drug trafficking and prostitution offenses involving dancers and patrons–but not the owners of the clubs.

Rick’s Tally Ho in Cheektowaga, NY, near Buffalo, had its liquor license revoked.  The owner cannot reapply for a new license for a period of two years.  In addition to losing his liquor license, the owner will pay a $10,000 fine.  No criminal activity has been alleged against the owner, Richard Snowden.

The 24KT Gold club on Route 5 in Hamburg had its liquor license canceled.  The owners will pay a $30,000 fine.  The owners, Mark and Christine Whipple,  purchased the club last November.  As a result of losing their liquor license, the club has been closed.  A DJ at the club was arrested on drug charges.  The owners may reopen the club if they get their liquor license back.

There is no detail given regarding the prostitution allegations in any of the news stories.  Whether or not true prostitution was occurring or merely grinding or non-sexual touching is not known at this time.

News stories indicate the prostitution offenses were taking place in private VIP rooms.  I know owners like having private VIP rooms because they make money.  But they are also a liability because even if the clubs have strict rules against prostitution, a few dirty dancers may break the law.  It looks like the owners of these clubs learned the hard way because they have lost their liquor licenses which bring them much of their revenue.  VIP rooms are the bane of the industry.

The Buffalo News 1
The Buffalo News 2

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Man Rams Vehicle Into Strip Club After Being Ejected

A man who was forced to leave a strip club after vomiting in the VIP room apparently did not like the way he was treated.  So he smashed his vehicle into the entrance of the building of Visions in Madison, WI, before fleeing.

The drunken fool told police he did see some nice strippers.  Good for him.

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Suspicious Strip Club Fire

Authorities in Winston-Salem, NC, are investigating a suspicious fire at Paper Moon Gentlemen’s Club last week.  There are no news reports about the extent of the damage caused by the fire or whether or not the club is still operating.

I find it interesting how many fires there are at strip clubs.  There are a lot of them.

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Yakima Washington Fights Proposed Strip Club

A man must now go before the Yakima, WA, city council in his bid to open a gentlemen’s club in the town.  Jamie Muffett wants to open a club on South First Street.  As always, the city is opposed to such a plan regardless of the constitutional rights of the people to enjoy such entertainment.  Earlier, the city put a six month moratorium on adult entertainment establishments in a temporary effort to thwart Muffett’s plans.  Yakima county is also reviewing its ordinances to prevent any future strip clubs from opening.

If the city does not approve the club, Muffett and his attorney plan to take their case to court.  Good luck.

Yakima Herald

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Detroit Strip Club Ordered Closed

A Wayne County judge ordered Detroit, MI, strip club All Stars Lounge closed for one year as punishment for allowing a 14-year-old girl to dance at the club earlier this year.  The girl testified she was never asked for identification to verify her age.

The owner of the club must turn over his keys and the doors will be padlocked later this afternoon.  The owner plans to appeal.

The underage stripper reportedly earned up to $350 a night.

Detroit News

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Texas Strip Club Tax To Continue During Appeal

The Comptroller of the state of Texas has sent out letters to strip clubs in the past few days demanding that they continue to pay a $5 per patron tax while the state appeals a ruling late last month that invalidated the tax.

On March 28th, state district Judge Scott Jenkins ruled that the “pole tax” is an illegal tax on constitutionally protected expression and issued an injunction barring collection. An appeal by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott automatically suspended the injunction, resulting in a demand for payment on April 21st.

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Texas Strip Club Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

Last week, a state district judge in Texas struck down the state’s $5 per patron strip club tax that took affect at the top of this year. The “pole tax”, as it was jokingly dubbed, required clubs to pay a $5 fee for every patron who entered any establishment that offers live adult entertainment.

Travis County Judge Scott Jenkins ruled the tax unconstitutional and prohibited the state from collecting or imposing the fee. In his ruling, Judge Jenkins wrote that the fee taxes “expression that, while politically unpopular, is nevertheless protected by the First Amendment.”

Texas state Attorney General Greg Abbott plans to appeal the ruling. The backers of the law also plan to rewrite it so they can find a way to circumvent the argument of constitutionality. Democrat State Representative Ellen Cohen of Houston (pictured at right), the original sponsor of the bill, said she will work to find a way to amend the law so it sticks the next time she tries to get it passed.

Strip clubs may be politically unpopular, but judging by the millions of customers who patronize them each year and the thousands of dancers who entertain at them, they appear to us to be very popular. The strip club tax was expected to raise $40 million per year. At $5 a head, that means that eight million visits were expected to strip clubs in Texas each year.

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