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Answers To Frequently Asked Gentlemen's Club Questions

What kind of people go to strip clubs?

All kinds of people go to strip clubs. Each year millions of Americans go to gentlemen's clubs. It's a big industry.

The vast majority patrons of strip clubs are male. But you will see female customers at strip clubs regularly, though in small numbers. Some of these females are lesbian or bisexual and some are straight but just curious as to what goes on inside a strip club.

Most of the guys who go to strip clubs are regular guys. Many are married. Many are tourists or business travelers looking for a way to entertain themselves while away from home. And many are like us: honest, law-abiding guys who think the female body is a work of art and enjoy being entertained by beautiful women.

What goes on in a strip club?

At a typical strip club, you pay a cover charge before entering. After you enter, you may be guided to a table or be allowed to sit anywhere you choose. Dancers work on the stage and go around the floor trying to sell dances. There is typically only one dancer on stage at a time, with guys sitting in chairs around the stage. For a typical stage set, which consists of three songs, a dancer will begin clothed. During or shortly after the first song she will remove her top. In a full-nude club, the dancer will typically remove her bottom during or shortly after the second song. In between removing clothing, the dancer will do a stage routine often involving pole tricks and go around the stage collecting tips from guys who want a closer look at her. After she finishes her stage set, she will roam the floor trying to sell dances.

Are female customers welcome at strip clubs?

If a woman has money to spend, she will be more than welcome at most strip clubs. But, not every strip club dancer is fond of female customers. Many have reported being insulted or subjected to snide comments from female patrons. So if you are a female and want to go to a strip club, be on your best behavior. Some clubs have policies that require female patrons to be accompanied by male escorts, though this seems to be of questionable legality.

Can I go alone?

Sure you can. Many strip club patrons go alone. Business travelers often go to clubs alone. There is no reason to be shy about going alone!

Are there dress codes and other rules?

Dress codes vary from club to club. Typically, high-end gentlemen's clubs insist that you dress nicely, often with a collared shirt and pair of slacks. A decent pair of jeans and a regular shirt is sufficient for most clubs. Also, some clubs in major cities may prohibit "gang colors". If you have questions, you can call the club and they will be happy to address your concerns.

As for rules, no touching is the major one, even if it isn't strictly enforced. Never touch any dancer without asking first. If you do, you may find yourself warned by the dancer, escorted out the door by a bouncer, or even possibly arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Do I have to tip or buy dances?

Generally, most gentlemen's clubs do not have rules that require you to tip or buy dances, but some do have a policy that if you are taking up space and not spending money you will be asked to leave, even if you paid a hefty cover charge. Tipping is voluntary. A guideline for tipping is that if you sit at the tip rail (edge of the stage) that you tip the dancers. While you do not have to tip each and every dancer, if you are not tipping regularly, you should probably sit somewhere else. An acceptable tip at the tip rail is $2 these days. For that $2 the dancer will give you a nice look at her beautiful body. You can always tip more if you deem the dancer worthy. You can also feel free to give a dancer a few dollars as she walks by you if you like what you see.

What if a dancer does not ask me if I want to buy a dance?

Go up to her and ask her if you can buy a dance. Many dancers are busy and may inadvertently overlook you. Some dancers, especially the younger ones, may be too busy chatting with their friends or coworkers to realize they have customers to serve. If you want a dance from a stripper, approach her. They are there to work.

How can I get a dancer to go on a date with me?

Dancers are at clubs to work, not find boyfriends. Many strippers will not even consider dating a guy she meets in the club. These ladies make a living entertaining men. Their incomes are derived from squeezing money from guys like you. If you go to a strip club with the intention of initiating a romantic relationship with a dancer, you are most likely setting yourself up for a huge disappointment, and possibly a costly one. You are making a mistake if you think that you can win a dancer's affections by showering her with money or gifts. If you enjoy the entertainment that a dancer provides, feel free to compensate her generously for her time. But if you are looking for a girlfriend, your best bet is to do it somewhere else.

Are all strippers whores?

No, absolutely not! Many strippers are normal women who do not have hang-ups about being nude in front of people like many other women do. Many strippers are college students, some are single mothers, some are even married. Some enjoy stripping, some don't and just do it because the money is good. If you take the time to chat with a stripper for a minute or two you may find that she is an intelligent, well-read young lady.

What are some things to watch out for?

There are a few things to watch out for. For starters, watch out for dancers who come to you with sob stories in an attempt to get money out of you. A dancer may complain about how bad the economy is, how little money she is making, or that she has some big bills to pay. Who cares? We all have problems and you are not responsible for helping with hers. Nobody goes to a gentlemen's club to hear dancers complain about stuff.

The "would you like to buy the dancer a drink?" routine is another thing to be on guard for. At many clubs, a dancer will sit at your table uninvited with a waitress shortly behind her to get you to waste money buying her a drink she really does not want. If you would like to buy a dancer a drink while she sits at your table, then by all means do so. But do not be afraid to decline the offer to spend money. This is just a method clubs use to extract money out of people like you. It must work because a lot of clubs do it.

If a dancer comes and talks to you uninvited, do not let her pressure you into paying her for her time. Some men like a little conversation before buying a dance, and the dancers know this. It is part of the sales routine. Talking to you to work up a sales pitch is their choice, not yours, and the meter should not be running. If you engage a dancer in conversation, remember that she is there to work and if you take up her time, she should be compensated. But if a dancer talks to you for a while then asks you to pay her, tell her to go to hell. You are under no obligation to pay a dancer for talking to you when she initiates the conversation unsolicited.

Do not believe anything a stripper says inside the club. Strippers work solely for tips and dance fees. They are going to say whatever they can to get you to hand over some cash. Everything she tells you from where she's from to where she is going to school is probably a lie. And yes, most strippers do have boyfriends even if they tell you they do not. Strippers sell a fantasy. Nothing else.

Looking for extras inside a strip club is not a good idea. If you are looking for the services of prostitution, the odds are you will not find it. Most dancers do not like being mistaken for whores and can get quite offended. Dancers may lead you to believe there are extras happening in the VIP room without actually saying anything incriminating. This is just a scheme to get you to pay big money for something which is not going to happen. If you want a hooker, do not waste your time looking for one in a gentlemen's club. You are most likely going to spend a lot of money for nothing and the dancers will be laughing about you in the dressing room. Find an escort instead. At least you can be reasonably assured of getting what you are looking for unlike in a strip club.

Most importantly, if you are using a credit card at a strip club, watch out for deliberate overcharges and watch your spending. Every drink or dance you get is going to cost you money, sometimes more than you might imagine. There is the story of the CEO who ran up a $241,000 tab on his corporate credit card at Scores in New York City back in 2003. Then there is the story of the guy in Florida who charged $53,000 to his father's credit card at a club in Florida in 2007. Nothing is free at the strip club. Do not get ripped-off.