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Glossary Of Strip Club Terms

Air dance:
A no contact dance. The dancer may even stay a certain distance away from you during the dance.
All time favorite dancer.
Bed dance:
A dance where the patron lays down on a small bed and the dancer dances on top of him. Prices for these dances vary, but can be upwards of $100.
Bring your own bottle of alcohol. Some gentleman's clubs may not be allowed to sell alcohol due to local restrictions, but patrons can bring their own. Sometimes these clubs will provide free soda pop for customers to mix their drinks.
Champagne room:
This is a semi-private or private room usually in high-end strip clubs where a patron can buy time alone with a dancer. These can be very expensive, sometimes costing $500 per hour. This is similar to a "VIP room".
Couch dance:
Typically this type of dance is with the patron seated on a small one-person sofa away from the main seating area. Often the stripper will dance on a small table in front of the couch. The cost for this type of dance can be $20 and up with the dance lasting 10 minutes or more.
Cover charge:
This is the price to enter the club. Cover charges can range from $5 to $30, depending on the type of club. In addition to paying a cover charge you may also have to pay for your minimum number of drinks up-front.
The definition of extras varies. Generally, it is anything over and above a standard dance. It can mean touching the dancer, or it can be used in reference to sexual services such as handjobs, blowjobs, or even sex.
Feature dancer:
Feature dancers are hired by the club to entertain, often for a weekend. They are typically paid a contractual fee, sometimes as much as $5,000. Features are usually porn actresses, adult magazine models, or other well-known strippers with enough of a following to draw customers to the club. In addition to the contractual fee, a feature dancer earns tips on stage and may sell pictures of herself taken with customers and other merchandise. Feature dancers often travel extensively.
A floor manager who roams the floor keeping on eye on things and making sure club rules are followed.
Full Contact Dance:
A full contact dance is one in which the patron can generally touch any area of the dancer's body except for the vagina.  This includes touching of the breasts and buttocks.  Though technically illegal almost everywhere, full contact dances can be found in some states where the touching laws are weakly enforced, if enforced at all.
Gentlemen's Club:
Another term for a strip club, though it is often used in reference to higher-end establishments.
Gown club:
These are typically higher-end strip clubs where the dancers are expected to wear fancy gowns.
This term refers to the grinding or rubbing a dancer will do in your lap during a lapdance.
House dancer:
This type of dancer regularly works at the club.
House Mom:
A house mom is a woman who works at a strip club and works primarily with dancers. Some of the responsibilities of a house mother may include assistance with costumes, preparing food for dancers, helping dancers with personal problems, new dancer orientations, enforcement of club rules, and other behind-the-scenes tasks. A large part of a house mom's compensation is derived from dancer tip-outs.
Juice bar:
A club that doesn't serve alcohol. They only serve soft drinks.
Lap dance:
This is a type of dance where the patron is seated and the stripper dances in close proximity to him, sometimes literally right in his lap. Depending on the location, this type of dance may involve significant amounts of contact, either one-way contact in which the dancer sits on the customer's lap and possibly grinds herself into him, or two-way contact where the patron is allowed to touch the dancer.
Mileage is typically referred to as the amount of contact you get from your dancer. A low mileage dance may be an "air dance" with no contact. A high mileage dance may involve much more touching, depending on local laws and an individual dancer's comfort level.
Nudie Bar:
This is a term used for a lower-end strip joint that serves alcohol. These establishments do not invest much in furnishings, decor, or ambiance. These establishments are typically less expensive than higher-end gentleman's clubs.
One-way contact:
This is in reference to the type of touching that occurs during a dance. One-way contact is where the dancer touches the patron.
Pastie club:
A type of strip club where dancers must wear a covering over their nipples due to local laws that regulate the sale of alcohol in establishments where there is nudity. Most of the breast remains exposed and dancers usually wear a G-string or bikini bottom to cover their genitals.
Pole work:
This is in reference to the part of a dancer's performance involving the vertical brass pole on the stage that reaches from floor to ceiling. Some dancers do not do any pole work at all. Other dancers do impressive routines involving swinging around the pole and hanging upside down.
Private dance:
A private dance is typically performed in a VIP area or in a private room. These are more expensive than "couch dances" or "table-side" dances.
Shower dance:
This type of dance features a stripper taking a shower.
Sniffer's Row:
This refers to the seating area around the stage, generally known as the tip rail.
Stage fee:
A stage fee or "house fee" is the amount of money that a dancer must pay the club to work. Most dancers are not employees of the club, but are "independent contractors". These types of dancers pay money for the right to work at a club. This fee can be as much as $100 or more for higher-end clubs. Often this fee is due prior to a dancer beginning her shift.
Stage name:
This is the name a dancer uses when she performs. This is generally not her real name.
Tableside dance:
This type of dance is usually performed right next to your table.
This refers to whether or not a dancer is available for services outside of the club. Most are not.
Tip out:
A tip out is the money that a dancer is expected to pay staff members such as disc jockeys, bouncers, floor men, and possibly others.
Tip rail:
A tip rail is the seating area immediately around the stage. It is generally expected that if you sit at the tip rail that you will be tipping at least some of the dancers performing on stage. The tip rail is sometimes referred to as "sniffer's row".
Topless Bar:
A strip club where women dance topless, but are required to keep their vaginas covered. Local laws may prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in clubs with full nudity.
Two-way contact:
This is in reference to the type of touching allowed during a dance. Dancers touch patrons and patrons can touch dancers.
VIP Room:
This is a semi-private or private room where a patron can buy time with a dancer away from the eyes of the general public. "VIP" means "very important person". Time in a VIP room can be expensive, often around $300 - $500 per hour.
Your mileage may vary. This abbreviation is typically used to indicate that the amount of "mileage" you receive can vary from dancer to dancer.