Birthday gone bad

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Birthday gone bad

Postby Pete » Thu Mar 27, 2008 6:48 pm

:P Went there for my co-worker's birthday. Bad decision on our part. Club was practically empty (it was a Wednesday night), but there were plenty of hot girls standing around, so we pay the money to get in and all 6 in our group cash in $20's with the cashier so we can sit at the stage. My buddy counts his stack of dollars and realizes he's been shortchanged. Turns out ALL of us had been given $14-$17 instead of the $20 we should've been handed. So we go back to the front and the girl who just ripped us off rolls her eyes gives us dirty looks as she exchanges our stacks of dollar bills for new ones that magically have $20 and are not folded in half like the ones we originally were given. I guess that's how she makes her money, since her personality certainly isn't earning her any tips.

So anyway, we sit at the stage and see that this club might not be so bad afterall. The majority of the dancers are the glamazon type, but a good variety in the lineup, and the DJ is playing some good rock music. Then they do some "Free Porn" special, where the DJ says you get 2 songs and a movie for $20. All the girls walk off the stage and grab us up, and we happily oblige. When we return, we realize only half of us were given the movies. What the hell? This place is a total scam. We were robbed from the second we got in the door until the time we left. The unfortunate thing is that that there were a few really beautiful and friendly girls in that place, who sympathized with the way we were being treated, but who also said that customers tell them the same thing all the time. Next time my buddies want to go to a strip club, I definitely won't take them here.

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