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Postby tmo » Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:35 pm

I'll never return to Sammy's in Birmingham, after years of being a loyal generously tipping patron, I entered the establishment at opening hour on a Saturday, the 2 dancers on duty were horrid. Still I ordered a pitcher, went to men's room to take a leak and while there I took a pain pill from a bottle with my name on it. I've had this script over 17 yrs and only 6 were gone though the script was filled 4 days prior. Keep in mind I'm the ONLY customer in the club. Upon exiting the stall and attempting to wash my hands before returning to the main floor, I'm crudely confronted by a "portly" doorman with the question: what the fuck have you taken?" With nothing to hide, I show him the bottle, my DL. This asshole attempts to play doctor and tries to tell me it's illegal to comsume this med with beer and I must talk to the mgr, yet another double digit IQ 400 lb asswipe, together they attempt to read the pill bottle, all the while my beer is getting warmer by the minute as it's August and the AC has just been turned on. The med DID have a caution to use CARE when consuming alcohol while taking this med. It mattered not that I showed ID, provided bottle, pointed out the CAUTIONARY msg on bottle and told these 2 idiots I had just driven over 100 miles and had a fractured vertebrae along with 6 bulging and was just killing time before meeting my girlfriend. These 2 pricks TRIED to take my meds (for their own illegal use no doubt) when it became apparent that wasn't going to happen, I was told I had to leave the club, since the ridiculously overpriced beer had not been TOUCHED, I requested a refund, receiving a dual message stating they were going to fuck me up if I did not leave immediately. Hell I was already 3 steps toward the door when 1 threatened to follow me outside to fuck me up. I kept walking but did tell BOTH of them if they followed me outside when I was leaving peacefully and followed me to my car which was not parked on club property, Sammy's would be short 2 fatass dickhead employees. I'd been in the club hundreds of times over the years, brought over a hundred clients, dated 1 of their dancers (there lie the problem I'm quite certain), I had brought over $100 K into this club, knew most of the staff, tipped extravagantly and never acted out, never had a cross word. To be treated in this manner just because they were Pissed off due to NO other customers and a declining clientele, even the 2 dancers were pisse off at their lard asses due to me generously tipping both for their efforts, not their looks or sexiness. These were 2 35 year old virgins more than likely, needless to state, this was my last visit to ANY Sammy's and will remain so forever. BTW I went to another gentleman's club, phoned my GF for a change of venues, and proceeded to have a great time AND took no more meds, and only consumed about 4 beers over an 8 hour period. Just a couple to power tripping minimum wage jackoffs who probably went home that night and beat off to Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse

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