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Full contact heaven

Postby geddy » Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:31 am

Tampa is the strip club capital of the world and the infamous Mons Venus is one of the best for hands on lap dances. For better or worse Mons Venus pretends to be nothing more than a place to get quick lappers and drain your wallet. The club itself leaves an impression of this is it? The place is small and dark and on weekends gets crowded. It is clean and the area around the club is safe. The peak time is after 11 PM when the club is full of dancers and guys. There is no booze. Water and soft drinks are available, not required.

There is no privacy, one of Mon's biggest faults. Everything is out in the open. It is a trip to look down the row in the lap dance area and see hands on tits and ass everywhere you look. People will seeing you get your dance. Guys are allowed to touch anything execpt the vag. Squeeze boobs and butts to your heart's content. Most of the dancers were in the 6 to 8 range, with a 9 if you are stretching things, nothing I would call a 10. A few were really ugly, heavily tattooed, grimy looking skeezers. For all the hype of the dancers being the prettiest in the country you will find better looking babes in Las Vegas than here. Vegas will cost you more.

$20 cover. Lap dances $20 - $30 depending on the girl. There is no chance for conversation before getting hit up to get a dance. They ask and if you say no they leave and may not come back. If you want a dance do it when you can. Dancers come and go all night. You might not see her again if you don't. If you are looking to take your time and get to know the lady first you should come in during the day shift. The day shift dancers are not as good looking as the ladies working nights and are older so I have heard.

A word of advice. Always offer $20 for a dance at first. They may not take it. In todays economy $20 is better than nothing. Use it to your advantage. The less you spend on each the more lap dances you can get. All said Mons is where you want to be if you are looking for quick touchy feely lappers. If you want a more relaxed environment you can try 2001 Odyssey across the way or others in the Tampa area. Touching is allowed in the entire area. Mons has nothing the others don't have in that regard.

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