Mons Venus promo videos

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Mons Venus promo videos

Postby Griff » Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:50 pm

Some links to Mons Venus promo videos from the past. The first link is from the early 00s, the second link is to the flash promo for the dressing room cam membership site from 07 or 08. The membership site was shut down soon after it was started. Dressing room cam is a good idea. Nobody wants to pay to watch it. They should have left it up and let people watch for free. You see something on cam you like you rush down to MV to get a dance. Good idea right? Owner Joe Redner makes enough money from the Mons to pay for the webcams. The Oddysey 2001 close by copied mons and made a membership site too. Looks like it is still up. ... review.asf (6.2 mb if it doesn't download to that size do it again)

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