Here is the scam

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Here is the scam

Postby Jsonco » Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:05 am

I am a professional that grew up in NSB, but moved away 12 years ago. I went to school with the guy at the dore, Jimmy so I thought this would be a good experience, but it was not. I ordered a crown and coke from the bartender which she told me was $8.75, so I handed her a $20 bill. Being a Sunday she said it was slow so asked if she could keep the $20 and the next drink would be on her, giving her an $11.25 tip. When I asked for my second drink she acted like the previous conversation never happend and charged me another $8.75. I don't know if she is steeling from the company, or if this is just the way they do business, but when I went in I had $425.00 in cash which I was willing and able to spend, but since this bar tender wanted to scam me out of $28.75' I only ended up spending that plus $2.00 in tip for the one dancer that was up before I realized the bartender had scammed me. This bar tender cost the club a lot of money from this visit plus who knows how much in future visits since I grew up here and visit often. She also cost the dancers a lot in tips, since I obviously didn't feel like tipping after being scammed. I sincerely hope this was just a bad bartender, but since this is the kind of reputation they had in the 90's when I lived here I suspect that this is standard operating procedure. Either way, I doubt they enjoy much repeat business, at least as long as this bar tender is working there. What a disappointment that my home town gentelmens club is a place I will never spend a dime in again. The bartender, the club, and the dancers could have made so much more off of me if only I wasn't scammed.

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