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Postby Jackson » Tue Jul 03, 2007 10:23 pm

I have been to ALL of the clubs from Redner's near the stadium in Tampa... to those east of town along Highway 60... three or four up in Pasco... to the handful along US19 and along Ulmerton south of Clearwater or near the beach.  For my money, this little club on 66th in PinPark can not be beat.

Probably the BEST Latin dancer ever to grace Tampa Bay is Bonita who hails from Columbia.  Victoria, from Prague, used to be my favorite... but after two years...  she was not able to remember my name and it broke my heart... but quickly healed by Angela, and Jillian, and Evelyn... oh yea, especially Evelyn!  The romp with her last week was the BEST I have had in years!  Sadly, for those of us she enchants, her dance card fills quickly as her beauty is breathtaking!  Most ladies here are pretty smart, but Evy is even more so and her intelligence really is a turn on for me.

Also outstanding in the back room... Madison!  I love kissing... and she really knows how to ring that bell!  :P :-*  There are many others who have lifted my spirits over the past few years who come and go... gypsies that are here a while * then vanish for several months.  Constant group of new faces to appeal to the whimsy of almost every guy who visits the place.  I have probably spent a small fortune here... and it was worth EVERY penny.

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Postby JoJo gypsy » Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:30 am

ask for jojo next couple of months baby...1 lil gypsy you will never forget
JoJo gypsy

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