Short Review (8 of 10) (Don't miss it)

Ottawa - Nude, Bar, 21 Yrs & Over

Short Review (8 of 10) (Don't miss it)

Postby Dunn » Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:27 pm

The town of Ottawa has 2 excellent clubs.  I like the Lampliter by a nose over Silver Slipper. Skip the places around Chicago and make the trip out west on I 80. You will be glad you did.  It is about a 75-90 minute drive from downtown Chicago.

I visited on a Monday. This is a more traditional club in comparison to the Lampliter, though still laid back.
a) ~15 Dancers in rotation (none less that HOT).  3 Smoking Hot / 5 Very Hot / The rest: Hot.  I don't know where they find them.
b) friendly staff and servers.
c) $2.50 Buds / inexpensive beer / drinks
d) dancers very friendly
e) absolutely no pressure for dances
f) Stage tipping is well worth your while.....
g) very fun evening.
h) Great Pole Dancing (2 story poles)
i) very well lit stage (not dark like most clubs)

Get yourself out to Ottawa.
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