Totally unsafe, in an extremely bad neighborhood!

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Totally unsafe, in an extremely bad neighborhood!

Postby Uranus » Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:11 am

Club O is totally not safe at all! But yet they still continue to spread their ads far and wide. They even have another billboard ad of themselves, most likely next to I-80/94. The ad reads; "7 minutes from here, Club O. The Ultimate Gentlemen's Club. We blow the rest away." And then it lists the exit to turn off on and the club's street address and phone number. And especially with that huge hornet's nest of killers and fugitives nest door (the vacant Chicago Park Hotel), my feeling is, Club O isn't going to cease and desist it's advertising until it gets shut down by FBI agents when they start to smell the stench of it's mountain of rotting corpses from up to 10 miles downwind.

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