Beware of strippers with tampons

Fort Dodge - Topless, Bar, 21 Yrs & Over

Beware of strippers with tampons

Postby Big R » Sun Dec 02, 2007 1:25 am

I was in Fort Dodge on business for one night and decided to visit this club.  First, the place was full of wanksters who were barely 21.  I thought I was at an audition for Malibu's Most Wanted Pt. II.  Second, the girls weren't very attractive at all.  The two who would rate about a 4 on a 10 point scale (with 10 being the highest) were very "rough" looking and were very demanding and kept climbing on me saying, "give me some mo money" -- I did only because I was afraid.  Lastly, the strippers were rarely on stage!  They just went and sat down next to various guys to bug for private dances.  There were times where 20 minutes would go buy with the music on and no dancers dancing.  The club was grimey, there was no dj.  Trust me, you would be better off buying a playboy and staying in your motel than going to this joint.  Oh, and yes, a stripper kept spreading her legs and you see the feminine product sticking out.  I had to leave.
Big R

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