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XTC Cabaret - Austin, Texas

Postby Smokncatfood » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:24 am

I’ve been to XTC several times. I was originally lured there by the reputation of the VIP room. Lots of reviews had been written about VIP experiences, but I had something a little different in mind than the usual stuff. I have a foot fetish, and love to be trampled. Well let me tell you, the XTC girls aim to please!
One particular experience stands out. I found a girl I liked, and we went to the VIP room. I lay down on my back on a couch, and she stepped up onto me. She was tall and very well-built; really beautiful! As she was walking on me, another girl came in, saw what was going on, and asked if she could trample me too. Of course I said YES, and she stepped up and joined my girl on top of me! The new girl mounted my face with both feet, and immediately started to bounce up and down! Soon she began stomping on my chest, catching some serious air with each jump! One of them even started saying, “Ooh, harder! Harder!”
I hadn’t been multi-trampled in a while, and these girls were absolutely AWESOME!!
Props to the girls of XTC! You ROCK!!
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Re: XTC Cabaret - Austin, Texas

Postby tony » Fri Mar 01, 2013 3:28 am

what dancers do you recommend i am coming through in march i wanted to stop by i was looking on the net and i came across this websight i am intrested in tall blondes do you have any suggestions? I like seductive girls who are move smoothing not that hard bump and grind type of thing. This club is not ghetto? right it does not have that loud music does it

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