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Postby wade c » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:29 am

had a great time at the landing strip the other night...always liked this place from years ago...sat down by the main stage and was approached by a couple of girls...both were nice but not my asian girl came by and plopped herself in my lap and began talking up a storm....this babe was a fucking knockout...perfect body...great legs small waist almost d size tits..real...and firm...wouldnt tell me her age but said she was at least 21...showed me her armband...bought her a drink ...she asked for jack and coke....i was in love...very pretty face ...kept whipping her long hair on a dance and was shocked about 20 seconds into the song she leaned to my ear and said i was going to have to touch her more if she was going to dance for some good tit in the face action..and wanted my hands on her ass alot...we talked for about 10 more minutes and she asked if i was interested in going to vip....went to tip the bar...65 for an hour....dude hooked me up on the time and rolled the clock back quite a bit...tipped him 5 on the handshake...this girl was a fucking freak in vip..the first dance she almost chocked me with her tits in my mouth,,,i had to come up for air!!..she kept putting my hands all over her ass and grabing my cock through my pants....the second and third songs were even better....she was laying across my lap and rubbing her twat...which was on full disply...and kept using my hand to help...she took a break and kissed me with some tongue and said she was horny and wanted some finger action....the next song she turned around and pulled her thong to the side and shoved my thumb in her pussy and started grinding on me...kept a watchful eye for the boss man and played it cool she was stroking my cock with her free hand and i was sucking on her ear and hand was drenched!!!... i got one more dance from her and she turned her ass to me and let me kiss all over her ass and got a quick taste of her sweet action ive had in years...a regular of hers came in at that time and she was off...didnt mind...she was better than i hoped for and only charged for the amt of the dances...the boss man kept an eye on us alot but never came up to us long as you are discreet and dont act like a fucking teenage virgin on crack..i think they are a little lax in vip...wont spend my money in any other place ...i went to another one on congress a week earlier and had some great dances but not near the action...there was one skinny spinner chick who let me suck her titties quite a bit..but the boss there kept warning her....the landing strip is the place to be!!
wade c

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