5 out of 10

Oklahoma City - Topless, Bar, 21 Yrs & Over

5 out of 10

Postby Hooter Boy » Fri Oct 26, 2007 8:12 pm

The good:
Lots of dancers, most fairly hot.
Some of them get kinda kinky :lol:
They serve liquor

The Bad:
Weird Rules... Basically its 2 bars, a liquor bar and a beer bar.
The liquor bar is very small and only has a 8ft X 8ft dance floor W/ a pole. There usually isn't a dancer even in there and you cant order a drink in the liquor bar and go to the beer bar. The beer bar is huge probably a capacity of 100+ people.

On the beer side if you want to tip the dancer you will have to get in line, give her the buck have her rub her tits in your face and NEXT!!!

The service personnel weren't very friendly and I never even saw a cocktail waitress.

Not my kind of place.

The Ugly:
Nothing too gross.
Hooter Boy

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