Pushing the boundry on lapdances

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Pushing the boundry on lapdances

Postby Dark Lover » Sat Nov 02, 2013 4:02 pm

i was wondering opinions, experiences, advice about pushing boundaries on lapdances?

I been to some clubs where they are strict with touching and what you can do with a stripper and at other clubs they let you get away with a lot. I even had strippers make more than stripping offers, but I don't want to catch anything and a good set of lapdances that's makes me get wet all over my pants is way better I think than any oral favors and almost as good as having sex. At some clubs the strippers are known to rock on you till you get all sticky in your pants and have no problems with it, some strippers are a lot more comfortable with it than others. I am blunt and tell a stripper right up what I want. I also like the clubs where touching is very relaxed. I usually ask strippers, and it varies from stripper. Some strippers even will say I can touch her boobs and butt, even some let you fondle her nips and kitty during the lapdance. Some of the strippers will even put their butt right in your face and let you get a good smell of the kitty( I enjoy that). The better clubs also seem to be the ones where guys go there for much more than stripping, but I never do that since I am scared to death of getting some STD and I can still get just as good a sexual thrill if I stick to lapdances that really are pushing the border. One girl at a lapdance liked to give men fake bj's and I could feel her saliva seep through the pants. I only had one dance with her because that was going a little to far and I was worried about catching something from her saliva seeping through the pants. I also like it when girls will grind you with their soft kitty rather than their butt, pelvic bone. It feels so good and you can feel her soft kitty rubbing against you even with slacks on. Some girls at totally nude clubs will do this. I have even had girls push their breasts and butt in my face and say I can lick if I want, but I don't because I am afraid of catching something.

Any opinions, experiences, or advice?
Dark Lover
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Re: Pushing the boundry on lapdances

Postby howardg » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:47 am

Touching is a expected part of a dance in some cities. Never lick,kiss. You can get hepatitis from that. Sound like you have some good clubs in your area. What city you in.

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