Attention!!! Important information about scams at Cruisin' Chubby's in WI!!!

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Attention!!! Important information about scams at Cruisin' Chubby's in WI!!!

Postby La Marquise » Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:27 pm

Attention!!! Important information about scams at Cruisin' Chubby's!!!

by La Marquise, Miss Nude Wisconsin 2010

The situation at this club is becoming appalling. Perhaps it has actually been appalling for a long time, but that's all the more reason not to let it continue. The girls officially booked to work this Sunday, April 18th 2010, were pressured into doing a last minute private party hosted at Chubby's for the owners' friend Joe during normal hours. Brian first informed myself and my friend of the situation as we were on our way there, picking up another friend who we had earlier scheduled to work with us (also with Brian). He told us that it had been bought out for the night by a "millionaire", and that as a bonus for working we would receive all the money for dances. My friend and I privately agreed there must be a catch, as the owner is a notorious moneyhound with a reputed appetite for deceit, but thought it was pretty nice of them overall, and that they were just doing it as a boon for their girls. Upon arrival at 3:30 PM (they usually unlock the doors for girls at 3:45 PM), there was no one there. We knew it was a private party but Brian had neglected to inform us that the doors would open at seven. We thought this was strange, as that seemed like an important detail (apparently other girls were told the night prior). Upon calling someone again we found out the proper times, left, and came back, looking forward to a night of fun and money making. Upon our second arrival, my other friend, a dedicated dancer who had never worked there before was treated like a disturbance and was not even talked to directly by Alan beyond "who are you?". She stood there, vulnerable and shell-shocked, as he berated all three of us for bringing her to her scheduled booking. After threatening to walk out if this treatment continued, he acquiesced, taking me aside privately and telling me he'd keep her tonight because he wanted me to stay. "We just don't want any new girls tonight," he explained lowly. I wasn't sure what this meant until later when it became apparent that nothing about that night was supposed to get out.

The full dance money myth was immediately debunked. Alan impatiently informed us that VIP dances, usually $40 a song, had gone down to $20 for the night, but that we would indeed keep all the money. My friend and I were still suspicious. We were right. Each girl was at some point in the night tipped $200 dollars in a display of smooth magnanimity. More was always alluded to come, and we naturally assumed it would. The guy hosting the party was a millionaire and was known to be free with his cash, not to mention Chubby's pushes hustling like its going out of style. But all attempts were met with resistance or outright rebuffed. No dances were done (one of the girls who did get dances went home later that night screaming that she "wasn't a prostitute"). It became clear after hours of being on stage with liquor flowing (there was an open bar, and lots of bottles for the girls) and dancing to the band that was playing (yes, there was a band. They were the only good part of the night). Joe, the birthday boy millionaire, was callous and rude, acting as though we were just playthings for his amusement. That in itself isn't so strange, there are a lot of rich pricks out there who come in specifically to abuse the girls. At one point, early in the night after receiving my initial 200, I was beckoned over to him with a lazy wave. Thinking I would be tipped again, I came over and struck up polite conversation. The first words out of his mouth were "go and bring me the Scope from the champagne bucket". Curious and with some trepidation, I went to the table were many purchased bottles for the dancers. To my amazement I saw a mouthwash bottle chilling there with a bottle of Gold. Upon bringing it to him he offhandedly motioned for me to use it right at the stage. Shocked and embarrassed, I did so, instead of pouring it into his lap, which would have saved me a lot of time, energy, sweat and tears later on.

Joe the birthday boy, a self-important but dumpy sort of man, was rude to everyone, continued to speak and act as he saw fit, and obviously enjoyed dangling money in our face (his assistant was handing out hundred dollar bills from a stack for him). It was a free for all with no set rotation. The girls were literally standing on their heads, doing crazy pole work, playing games like naked Twister, and begging for a scrap at every turn, a dance, a tip, anything. This is obviously not normal behavior at Chubby's. People are expected to spend money there. We were told to remove our dancer shoes and walk barefoot. This is in the contract as against the rules (for obvious safety and insurance reasons), along with lap sitting (this Joe person's lap was hardly vacant all night) and touching. Bouncers were instructed to turn a blind eye as cocktail waitresses and dancers were touched, picked up, and manhandled alike. The phrase "don't tell Tim" was bandied about quite a bit. A large inflatable kiddie pool and tarp was brought out, and six girls, including my friends and myself, were covered in chocolate, champagne, whipped cream, and strawberry pulp, along with a SHIRTLESS MALE PARTY GUEST. We all stayed in this pool for a rather long time until Joe was forced to finally put out for a shower show for all of us, as we were covered from head to toe for his amusement. Cell phones were taken out in the shower room, and though everyone swore up and down no pictures were taken, they remained out for the duration of the show. My friend who complained that this was also against the rules was punished and made to sit in the dressing room to "take control of her drinking" (they were practically pouring it down our throats- the drinks ordered for dancers by customers were so strong I only had a bit of champagne). Chubby's fees and rules that we are forced to legally recognize when we start working there state that a shower show with one girl for one song is $160. We get an already piddling $40 from that. Therefore for five songs we should have made $200. We made $80 a piece. Raimi the bartender was also added to the mix, no word if she received any more. Throughout the night Joe continued to talk to us and behave as he saw fit, commanding us to do this or that, even getting one of the female bandmembers to take the stage for a poledance lesson from myself and another dancer. She was tipped. We were not.

I never once agreed to any flat rate of $200 for the night for a private party, as is my right as an entertainer. Other potential customers with further money were turned away at the door with a card for something free by a bouncer who stood outside all night. We were merely informed at last minute and expected to work like it was a regular booking Sunday, and when we complained (I made almost exactly 280, minus Chubby's legendary tip out which I am not obligated to pay at a private party, plus a couple of bucks from the lead singer of the band) This goes against the contract I signed (my friend was not even given a contract, the rules, or a tour--thus she does not exist in the club's paperwork). After realizing what was happening and the full extent of legalities breached, I was shocked. I tried to seek out help from other dancers but was turned down with eye rolls. At about 3:00 AM (we were long over legal bar time) I exited the dressing room and announced angrily to the whole floor that each dancer received $200 that night with no overtime, hardly any additional tips whatsoever, dances, or any kind of overtime. Partyguests looked on agape as I prowled the floor angrily, looking for Alan to demand explanation. Hurrying up to me in a panic he demanded I go backstage. I went in the dressing rooms again, so enraged I was literally ranting and raving. I already knew what was going to happen. I would be dismissed. So I threatened to bring the cops down on their head--after all, we were still running after bar time on what was supposed to be a regular night. At this, the party was quickly wrapped up. Raimi the bartender, hearing my threats of legal action, threatened me in return, telling me I was fired and I should never book there again (how she has power like this as mere head barwench I don't know). She said if I got the club shut down, they would ALL be out of a job. I responded that I would never, ever work there again and that she should be properly ashamed of herself. Alan then meekly approached me with my meager shower money. I told him to keep it, but upon being pressured by my worried friends, I took the money. I now regret this. I consider this money an accepted bribe and it made me feel physically ill. I had already cried away all my makeup and knew no one would be coming to my rescue or even to help, so I finally left, close to 4:00 AM, tired, bruised, sore, and feeling utterly violated.

The following day my friend was contacted by Brian, who first asked her to work that Monday night because he "needed girls". Upon refusal (something she is legally capable of doing as an independent contractor and dancer), she was informed that because of the "fiasco" last night she would be suspended.

Look, we all know that Cruisin' Chubby's, like many other big box clubs, talk a big "class" game but can and will happily get dirty at the drop of a dime. They will dim the lights in the VIP rooms, they will do anything for more of the moolah. This is really true the world over--lots of clubs are dirty but we still work there because we don't have to participate in their illegal activities if we don't want to. I honestly don't care, I just pursue more legit ways of making my cash. But they absolutely CAN NOT LEGALLY FORCE YOU TO PARTICIPATE. As Miss Nude Wisconsin, it is my duty to inform hopeful women and all in the industry who wish to work here or be affiliated with them that this Wisconsin club is absolutely no good. I am a professional dancer who has worked hard to gain a good reputation and much skill at her craft. I am NOT a hooker, and I am certainly not anyone's bitch.

Ladies, this is a travesty. These people think we aren't even worth a good cover up, that we don't have two IQ points to rub together, and that we can't or won't do anything. Sadly, they're mostly right. Chubby's summer money is legendary, but it comes with a price: Your unswerving obedience and your soul. Eventually you WILL be taken advantage of, financially raped, and cast by the wayside. You are worth NOTHING to these people. TRUST NO ONE, not Brian, not Alan, not Raimi, or any of these people. Its a racket and a mob scheme.

Customers, your situation is hardly better. They will turn you away as soon as they spy more money and more clout. They do not care about you, your service will be subpar and shitty, and at any hint of complaint you can be kicked out and even banned.

People have fought and died for your rights, not just on the formal field of war but on impromptu battlefields in city streets and picket lines and slums and workplaces and courtrooms. Others have dealt with the worst things you can imagine to keep YOU from being exploited and taken advantage of. There are things working within this industry such as ACE (something Chubby's subscribes to!) to keep the bullies off our backs. Please. I beseech you. Do not turn your backs on them for a little bit of cash that you have no guarantee of getting or keeping anyway.

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this. Good night, and good luck.

La Marquise de la Lune, Miss Nude Wisconsin 2010
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