dancers topless on the club floor

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Re: dancers topless on the club floor

Post by samuelmosby6 » Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:41 pm

I didn't knew about all such rules. I have been to many clubs and have seen many topless girls serving the drinks ;)

Re: dancers topless on the club floor

Post by SCC_Admin » Thu Jul 03, 2014 2:57 am

I think it depends on where the dances take place. If a club has topless or nude table-side dances, the dancers will walk the floor topless or completely naked as they will be topless or nude on the floor anyway. If dances all take place in a specific area or in closed-off VIP, then I don't think it is normal for them to walk the floor nude or topless. At one place we used to go the dancers walked the floor nude. They had nude table-side dances for a small tip so they never bothered to put their clothes back on. It's cool chatting with a completely naked woman. :)

I know at Mons Venus in Tampa, Florida, some of the dancers will walk the floor completely nude or bottomless. You can see them come on stage on the free strip club cam and sometimes are already bottomless.

dancers topless on the club floor

Post by sparker » Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:16 am

Question: Are there any clubs left where the dancers walk the club floor topless? This was the CA norm from about the early 80's to the mid '90's, and, IMHO, was a real selling point for the club. From the info I've received over the ensuing years, the clubs which featured topless dancers on the floor (they got fully nude onstage) also required the girls to carry a tray and try to sell (soft) drinks -- but an administrative decision by the CLRB (CA Labor Relations Board) circa 1993 or 1994 ruled that anyone serving drinks at the club, regardless of technical employment/contractor status, was automatically considered an employee and subject to rules, regulations, withholding, etc, etc. This led virtually all of the clubs to pull the girls off serving duty and relegate them to hustling VIP dances -- and without the allure of bare breasts practically in the customers' faces during the drink-selling process -- with the inevitable boost in tips as a result -- there was no reason for dancers to go topless off stage as a regular feature/attraction. But at this point, with the clubs "modus operandi" being pretty much standardized re what is seen on the floor vis-à-vis the brief nudity on stage and what the girls will show (an unsure proposition considering the general lack of lighting in back rooms), it would seem that having topless dancers on the floor would (a) set a club apart from the competition and (b) give the dancers an additional tool to entice customers into private backroom dances -- i.e., show 'em the merchandise with which they'll be getting up close & personal! It's also hard to see how the dancers wouldn't appreciate having to purchase less elaborate outfits or lingerie -- a simple thong/G-string/bikini bottom and a pair of heels would generally be the norm! Back in the late '90's I did an informal survey of club personnel (managers, bartenders, dancers themselves); virtually no one working at a nude club stated that there was any prohibition, legal or otherwise, against girls being topless on the floor -- it's just that they didn't see much reason to do so unless all or most of the dancers agreed to do it as well -- no one wanted to upset the apple cart, so to speak. Nevertheless, 20 years later it's something to consider -- especially since club business has suffered since the recession started. Just a thought..................