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What is:

  • Primarily a place for strip club patrons to exchange information, discuss strip clubs, topless bars, their favorite dancers, and review strip clubs and topless bars for the benefit of all gentlemen's club patrons
  • A place where people with questions about gentleman's clubs can find answers and recommendations
  • A place where strip club dancers are welcome and encouraged to interact with fans and potential customers, let their regulars know when they have moved to a new club, and make themselves known to potential customers

What is NOT:

  • A place for owners and managers of strip clubs to engage in free advertising or promotion (see forum rules for participation limitations)
  • A place for strippers to vent their anger toward men
  • A place for strippers to say mean things about other strippers
  • A gathering spot for escorts and prostitutes to conduct business (solicitation of prostitution is not allowed here)

Our mission at is to be the leading source for strip club reviews, information, and discussion on the internet. We want to be the place where gentlemen's club patrons and dancers can come together for the mutual benefit of both parties. Patrons want to find good gentleman's clubs to go to and be entertained by beautiful women; dancers want to make a living by entertaining patrons. is the place where customers can find beautiful dancers to entertain them and dancers can promote themselves to potential customers. But none of this is possible without YOUR participation!

New Clubs And Information Corrections

As part of our mission to be the internet's best source of information about strip clubs, we want to know about new clubs and correct any inaccurate information we may have. Likewise, the thousands of visitors to our site want to know about their various entertainment options. We get emails all the time from club owners, managers, and others alerting us to new clubs. We want to include them all.

If you wish to notify us about a club that we do not have on our strip club list or give us more accurate information, the best thing to do is to send us an email or make a quick post in the forum here:

New Strip Clubs And Info Corrections

Just click on "new topic" to get started. Please include the most critical information such as the type of club (nude, topless, pastie, bikini), whether or not liquor is served, the club address and business phone number(s), and the minimum age to enter the club. You may provide other information if you wish if you think it will be useful to potential customers. By the way, we only list clubs featuring female dancers.

Disclaimer is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, from the use of this website and forum, from comments made by posters, for publishing inaccurate information, nor offers any guarantees or warranties of service. All posters to the forum agree to indemnify, its ownership, employees, and affiliates from any damages arising from their posts to the forum. does not read all of the posts to the forum, is not responsible for censoring or removing posts, and cannot verify the accuracy of any of the comments provided by posters. highly values free speech and the sharing of information.

All website and forum viewers and participants must be at least 18 years of age. Parents are responsible for monitoring the internet activities of their children, not

Terms of this disclaimer are subject to change.

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The administrator of can be reached at the following email address:

Or by sending a private message to SCC_Admin in the forum.

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