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Thank you for visiting our site dedicated to strip clubs. Our goal is to be the best place for information, news, and reviews about gentlemen's clubs on the Internet and we want YOU to join us! Read and post reviews for strip clubs, discuss clubs and your favorite dancers with others, and invite your favorite dancer down to join us. Dancers are the entire reason we go to strip clubs. Dancers are welcome to join us and let us know they are out there so we can come spend money on them.

The strip club industry is constantly under attack by those who want to shut them down and rob us of our constitutional right to admire beautiful women in their natural glory. Cities are enacting regulations to zone out clubs, government bodies are putting special taxes on patrons, and all to shut down an industry that employs many thousands of people and provides good incomes for young women, many of whom would otherwise be struggling financially. We cannot let our rights be infringed! If opponents of strip clubs are successful, it will create a domino effect all across society. It is a matter of freedom. Nobody has to go into a strip club if they do not want to. But they will leave us alone.

Our mission is to faciliate the free exchange of information among strip club patrons and dancers, encourage people to visit gentlemen's clubs and entice beautiful women to strip for us.

If you support strip clubs and the freedom of people to visit and work in them, please spread the word about our site. Link to us and mention us on other forums you post on. The more people we have here the better for everyone.


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Our strip club discussion board is where you can review and discuss clubs and dancers. What did you like or dislike about your last strip club experience? Who were the hottest dancers? Are there any dancers who have moved on to new clubs that you would like to see again? Reviews, opinions, questions, and comments are welcome in our Strip Club Forum.

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News and information about club openings and closings, latest industry happenings, and legal issues surrounding the strip club industry.

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Every industry has its own lingo. The strip club industry is no exception. Check out our glossary of strip club terms.

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Frequently asked questions about strip clubs and other interesting information for the uninformed.